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Articles written by Blair Seibert
Articles originally published as "The Green Architect" column in Elevations,
the San Fernando Valley AIA newsletter
Use less, waste less (Design Out Waste Part I), March 2011
Designing Out Waste Part II, April 2011
Design Out Waste Part III, May 2011
Money In Your (and your client's) Pocket, July 2011
Advanced Framing, August 2011
The Definition of Green Architecture is About to Change, November 2011
BuildingGreen's Top 10 Green Products for 2012, December 2011

Building Green: Top 10 Green Products for 2007, January 2008
Indoor Air Quality, February 2008

Top 10 Green Products for 2006, January 2007
2010 Imperative/2030 Challenge, March 2007
Why Specify Forest Stewardship Council Products? April 2007
Sustainable Lessons From Older Buildings, May 2007
Sustainable Building Advisor Program, June 2007
LA Greening Private Sector Development, July 2007
Green Leases, August 2007
GreenPoint Rated, September 2007

Introduction to Green, March 2006
Green Design Made Simple, April 2006
Not Your Mother's Recycling, May 2006
Greening your Office, June 2006
Green, Sustainable and Regenerative Design, July 2006
"Green" Air Conditioning, August 2006
Shift from Automatic, September 2006
Is Water Too Cheap? October 2006
Prefab Doesn't Have to Mean Bad, November 2006
Green Development, December 2006

"Green Acres, Campuses that embrace sustainable design strategies can see real cost savings"
published in American Schools and Universities magazine in October 2006.

Off-Grid Ideas Competition, November 2007
Competition Overview and Site Plan (pdf)
Section Elevation (pdf)

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